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Understand the DEMAND..
And propose an OFFER to fit your GUESTS

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THE ART of knowing how to sell at the Right Price, to the Right Client


Revenue Management (or Yield Management) is the art of knowing how to sell at the best price, with fewest costs possible. It’s fundamental to apply revenue strategies, not only in high season, but also and overall in the critical times of the year. In facing the difficulties to gain earnings it’s necessary to know how to find the avoidable sources of costs and reduce, for example, the incidence of intermediaries such as OTAs and booking portals.

Use your rates intelligently according to the market flux, subdivide in segments your clients to discover their behavior and habits, possess analytical abilities to interpret data, adopt specific measures to maximize occupation and the sales price all with the least costs possible for every single day.


We support your Team while gaining present and past information, their analysis and in making decisions in order to sell better while reducing costs. Together we see how to take maximum advantage of all the instruments you have at your disposition, we advise you about which distribution channels can be defined adequate for your online commercial activity, according to your type of clients.

  • Analysis of structures and their characteristics
  • Segmentation of the clients and identification of their behavior/habits
  • Analysis of the actual situation and sales methods used
  • Sources of traffic, the channels where bookings come from
  • Brief analysis of the history (the Revenue must foresee the future, the past is not a good starting point, but helps in order to know the errors made)
  • Analysis of occupational data (Room occupation, sales rates, average income)
  • Analysis of the RevPar and CostPar, how to read them and use them in view of the future
  • Analysis of the forecast and pick-up
  • Nesting, Spillage and Spoilage
  • Analysis of the distribution channels
  • Evaluation of the conversion for each sales channel
  • The importance of direct sales through your internet site
  • Estimate of demand and definition of seasons
  • Management of tourist groups and groups of rooms tied to congressional events
  • Distinct and consecutive groups
  • How to quote a group
  • Management of special offers, package deals, discounts and extras
  • Sales for market segments
  • Management of Upgrade, Upselling and Cross-selling
  • Optimizing of Minimum Lengths of Stay and their management during the sales process
  • Analysis of the Booking Window as fundamental data for making future estimates
  • Cost analysis of intermediaries (IDS, GDS, OTAs)
  • Techniques and strategies for disintermediating distribution channels
  • Management and optimizing Overbooking and Oversales
  • Distortive Variables
  • The Ethic Value and the Monetary Value
  • Marketing Mix (the 4 levers of marketing)
  • Traceability of the refused bookings
  • Evaluation of "Global Demand" or Exceeding Demand
  • Cancellation management
  • Technique of "Yes and... No but"

We realize dedicated in-house courses of Revenue Management, on location at your structure, for the duration of 2 days.


What are you waiting for? Contact us for further information; ask for a demonstration at your company to make a field test of the simplicity and the performance of our solutions.